Creativity For All



Shaping culture

Adobe wanted to facilitate the telling of otherwise untold stories and in doing so, secure a visible role in modern culture. To achieve this, we sought to establish the brand as a spearhead for creative and cultural


Creative collaboration

n order to position Adobe as champions of the democratisation of art, we invited our audience to create the campaign with us. Our collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation allowed us to digitize his brushes (until then only present on Keith Haring’s works of art). By taking these brushes from the analogue world to the digital space, we developed digital tools to empower a digital generation. The work being shared was created by creatives and their peers, which gave our audience a sense of ownership and increased engagement. In this way, we were able to bring the campaign mission to life, Creativity For All , in an authentic way. The political climate and pandemic provided the perfect foundation to showcase the importance of (digital) self-expression. The community response affirmed our campaign effort as relevant and resonant to its audience.


Painting a brighter future

To inspire the creative community to make art for social change, we digitised the tools of artist and activist Keith Haring; his marker-pen, piece of chalk and graffiti paint and made them free to download. We partnered with artists Shepard Fairey and Kate Moross to help us continue Keith Haring’s mission. We invited creatives everywhere, from professionals to hobbyists, to follow his lead and draw for a cause they care about. Thousands of artworks were submitted, each with a unique message — proving that art has the power to make the world a better, more inclusive place.