In Love We Trust

Sinyi Realty


Addressing a growing trend

Newlyweds have always been an important source of customers in Taiwan’s property market. Sinyi Realty, as the leading property developer in Taiwan is concerned about the growing trend of young people getting divorced a short time into their marriage. This, coupled with more young people staying single due to apathy, was not good for business.


Encouraging young Taiwanese to overcome their fear of commitment

Taiwan’s divorce rate has surpassed the country’s marriage rate, ranking 1st in Asia and 2nd in the world. This sorry state of affairs has led Taiwanese youths to develop a sense of apathy in matters pertaining to marriage. 


Together with dentsumcgarrybowen Taiwan, Sinyi worked to produce “In Love We Trust”, a short film to encourage young Taiwanese to overcome their fear of commitment and to seeking lasting love and, for those facing marriage crisis, to stay together through good as well as bad times.



We sparked numerous discussions

Within 7 days, “In Love We Trust” generated more than 4 million views and 14 million likes, sparking numerous discussions around the nation’s fear of marriage. More than 40 news outlets in Taiwan reported on the film and numerous local celebrities shared it on their own social media, creating millions of dollars’ worth of exposure. In Love We Trust was also Taiwan’s most shared advert in 2020.


In addition, during the campaign period, the total number of daily interactions on the film’s fan page increased 17-fold while the number of followers increased by 4.9 times, which translates to 3.5 times more than the industry average.