Take 5


Reese's Take 5


The best candy bar you've never heard of

We discovered that only 3% of Households gave Reese’s Take 5 a try – makes sense given the number of times we‘ve told you basically nobody knows it exists.


But to our surprise, once people actually gave Reese’s Take 5 a try, it was love at first bite. And this passion wasn’t just a fling; our audience consistently chose Reese’s Take 5 over the competition when we asked which they’d prefer to have again.  Turns out Reese’s Take 5 was the best bar they’d never heard of.


Yet while our audience couldn’t forget Reese’s Take 5 after they tried it, we also needed to be the craveable itch they needed to scratch before they had it as well.

Under a Rock


Make the most underrated candy bar impossible to forget

We created a campaign that called our audience out by showing how crazy it was that they hadn’t heard of something THIS amazing. We did this by leveraging a series of well-known, playfully instigative idioms they love and could relate to. Were they raised by wolves? From another planet? Living under a rock?


Then, we teased this content before and launched it during the world’s biggest TV moment: the Super Bowl. And immediately after people saw our content for the big game, we surrounded all the places where they would be talking about it on their small screens (i.e., social and digital). Specifically, we combined shorter, channel-specific pieces of content – all based on our idioms – that continued to let people know the product



After the Super Bowl, and after people started to know us, we hit them with social and online videos that were centered around the perfectly layered 5 ingredients of peanut butter, pretzels, caramel, peanuts & chocolate that pushed their cravings over the edge and convinced them to give Reese’s Take 5 a try.

Reese's Take 5


Here to stay

Our spot ranked #1 in IPSOS’s annual Super Bowl quantitative test, over-indexing across each key metric, and effectively introducing our audience to the best bar they’ve never heard of. On Super Bowl Sunday, Reese’s Take 5 social conversation reached an all-time high, with 92% more mentions than all of 2019 social mentions combined. Additionally, our holistic plan allowed us to smash through both our short-term and annual sales goals, proving to retailers that we deserve to stay on their shelves for good.