13 July 2021

Sue Higgs reveals what qualities she looks for in creative recruits

As the job market recovers post-COVID, Sue Higgs, Joint ECD, dentsuMB UK, reveals what she looks for in creative recruits, in a piece with Campaign.

I like a challenging person and somebody that's not like me. I look for authenticity – someone who isn’t being what they think I want, but being themselves and who has an opinion about the world. I look for someone whose ideas are so mad, you think: “I'll never in a million years do that, but I can work with that.” I buy energy.


I like a bit of madness and a sense of humour as well. I like it when somebody treats it for what it is – with some levity. They can laugh at themselves and don’t take themselves and situations too seriously. That’s important if you want to play the long game.


There have been some teams I’ve met in the past – not recently – where you think if they won an award, they'd be unbearable, whereas you know others would be brilliant.


We do a brilliant job and it’s very privileged. Come on board, but treat it for what it is. Have fun, enjoy it, do the best you can, be respectful, be kind, but don’t let a Lion go to your head.


This piece was originally published in Campaign