Hannaford Supermarkets

dentsuMB Editorial (formerly John Brown Media)


Introducing Hannaford’s Redesigned Fresh Magazine

John Brown Media (now dentsuMB Editorialwas tasked with redesigning Hannaford’s bimonthly magazine, fresh, which we relaunched with appealing, modern food photography and recipes uniquely tailored to Hannaford’s three core demographics (millennial shoppers, busy parents, and traditional, loyal customers). We created exclusive meal plans designed around Hannaford’s private label products, engaging profiles of Hannaford’s local producers, and brought in recipes from acclaimed chefs and tastemakers.

Then, we built an omni-channel strategy around it, bringing our new content to life throughout social media channels—including custom gifs and video—and an interactive flipbook. Our approach ensures a consistent brand message and helps to make Hannaford’s products more visible to a wider target audience.

In order to increase engagement across channels, we leveraged the magazine’s print assets across various platforms, including in-store marketing, website, email, and social media, catering individualized content for each.