Sam's Club

dentsuMB Editorial (formerly John Brown Media)


Taking Sam's Club's Content Strategy to a New Level

John Brown Media (now dentsuMB Editorial) was tasked with shifting the content strategy of Sam’s Club’s primary direct marketing channels in order to align with their new overall brand strategy. The Instant Savings Book and Savings Week Event direct-mail catalogs, key communication tools each reaching over 17 million members, needed a fresh perspective and strategy in order to increase member perceptions of quality, convenience, value, and brand humanity.

To do so, we applied an editorial lens to catalog content strategy and design to focus on highlighting premium products in a compelling way, and introduced new, engaging stories tied to key vendors and producers, merchants, small business owners, and club associates. Original assets were created to demonstrate brand humanity and quality in print but also work effectively across all customer touchpoints, from website to email to social.

Sam’s Club awarded John Brown Media the Something Special award in 2021, a designation meant for the partner agency that best delivered on Sam’s Club’s brand promise.