Road Tales



Stimulating the imagination

To engage its core audience, Volkswagen needed an idea that would promote how it makes car journeys more enjoyable for families. Children are increasingly looking to screens for entertainment in car journeys, so how could the automotive brand use technology to stimulate children’s imagination whilst they are travelling?


Innovating the travel experience

We created award-winning location-based interactive audiobook to transform car rides in magical journeys.


The end of 'are we nearly there yet'

We created a digital product and a campaign that used location-based interactive audiobooks to transform ordinary road objects into magical characters of a story. ‘Road Tales’ uses a custom developed story-engine that creates unique tales based on the location of the user. To ensure the stories react to the environment, the team scanned all Dutch highways to identify objects like bridges, windmills, trees, petrol stations, and other main objects to transform them into story elements.