23 June 2021

dentsuMB Taiwan wins Cannes Lions Entertainment Grand Prix

dentsuMB Taiwan has made history with a Cannes Lions Grand Prix win in the Entertainment category.

In Love We Trust, a brand film created by dentsuMB Taiwan for Sinyi Realty, a leading property developer in Taiwan, has won a Cannes Lions Grand Prix in the Entertainment category. The work is the first ever Cannes Lions Grand Prix winner from an agency in Taiwan. 


Alice Chou, Chief Creative Officer, dentsuMB Taiwan said:


“We are beyond proud to receive this accolade. This film is one way of reminding people that it’s vital to believe in the future. Only then is it possible to move forward. It creates conversation among the younger generation and makes people think about that when two people, no matter they are together or apart in the end, the final decision should be driven by the love in their hearts, not the fear.  LOVE will teach us how to trust and give us courage to step into the future.” 


Sinyi Realty wanted to build trust with young people using a brand film that encouraged them to overcome their fear of commitment and seek lasting love. Within 7 days of launch, “In Love We Trust”, a 7 minute 23 second film, generated more than 4 million views and 14 million likes, sparking numerous discussions around the nation’s fear of marriage.  


Jean Lin, Global CEO, Creative at  dentsu  international said:


“Dentsu’s powerful and award-winning creative experience agencies bring together world class capabilities in brand and experience transformation. Our award-winning teams in dentsuMB Taiwan have illustrated that global creative excellence can be found in every dentsumcgarrybowen team, in every geography in the world.”


Inspired by Taiwan’s divorce rate surpassing the marriage rate, ranking first in Asia and second in the world, the dentsuMB team created a story about the growing feeling of apathy among young people when it comes to relationships. 


In Taiwan, the Household Registration Office is responsible for birth, death, marriage and divorce applications. The film tells the story of a girl who works there. She experiences heartbreak every day as she tallies the number of marriages and divorces, with the latter dramatically outweighing the former. She gradually loses faith in marriage and stops counting the numbers. Then one day she meets an old man who, although he lost his wife, kept her name in his heart forever. The registrar realises that love can endure, and can transcend worldly separation. The thought gives her courage, and she decides to regain faith in relationship and get married. It’s a simple story that reflects the inner struggle of thousands of people in Taiwan who are afraid of taking that step.  


Jennifer Tang, CEO of dentsu Taiwan commented:


We are thrilled to receive this award, it is not merely a recognition of our creative excellence, it is also a demonstration on how dentsu can create an effective impact, through a strong partnership with our client. Congratulation to the excellent team, dentsuMB for creating such an outstanding creative that shines across the world. This is our people’s mission and pride, each dentsu employee has the upward power to create change and nourish Taiwan’s Marcom industry. Dentsu Taiwan will extend this honor and distinction by co-creating more world-class creative pieces with our clients. We will influence our industry through this positive momentum.”


YanShiun Hu, CEO/President at dentsuMB Taiwan said:


“We are more than happy to deliver Sinyi Realty’s belief to the society which could spark a conversation among young couples in Taiwan about trusting themselves and their partners. I would like to thank Sinyi Realty and my collogues, together we win the biggest award in history of advertising in Taiwan.”


The campaign was also named Taiwan’s most shared ad of last year, according to the advertising platform Judge Ad. It also ranked as the most popular advertisement on Youtube in the year’s second half. 


Read the full case study here


The Cannes Lions awards are being announced during Cannes Lions Live 21-25 June 2021. The awards benchmark global creative excellence and have been honouring world-class creativity since 1954, celebrating those who have produced game-changing bodies of work, time and time again.